Saturday, August 26, 2006

Get off your Franny!

Well, the other day I was expecting company (a playdate) and was happy that thanks to Flylady, I was free enough of CHAOS (can't have anyone over syndrome) that I would not be totally embarrassed. I knew that the bathroom could use a once over, but it was so much cleaner than it used to be that I wasn't worried about it.

Well, someone wanted me to get off my Franny and clean!

As I was checking email (and reading my Flylady reminders, lol) the bottom of the chair I was sitting in collapsed and suddenly I was sitting INSIDE the chair! Honestly, it was painful but really funny. I said to myself...well I guess I'll just do a swish and swipe in the bathroom then.

Apparently that was not good enough!

While I was wiping the counters, my lovely son jumped up and grabbed the cord of our small lamp bringing it smashing down on the counter and scattering glass ALL OVER THE FLOOR!


Well, thanks to Flylady I was dressed to SHOES and able to whisk Master J out of the bathroom with no injuries to either of us. Then I proceeded to sweep and then scrub the counters and the floor.

By the time our playdate arrived my bathroom was GLEAMING.

So...thanks Flylady!


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